Sarah Brummer 

Sarah studied voice at Indiana University and graduated with a degree in Musical Theatre. She has performed with several theatre companies and touring companies across the country, toured as a backup singer for the legendary LaLa Brooks, recorded an album in 2011 that was produced by Ted Mason of Modern English (I’ll Stop the World and Melt With You”) and in 2014 began writing and recording her second album with co-writer and swedish guitarist, Jona Carson. In 2015 Sarah’s daughter, Juliette, was born and she found her new passion- a passion for children! She and maegan met when their daughters were 5 months old and began having frequent playdates with their girls. These magical playdates inspired Maegan and Sarah to create a class and now almost 2 years later they are teaching over 300 students each week and loving every minute of it! 



Maegan Woodin 

Maegan moved to NYC when she was 18 years old to pursue a career in ballet, landing a touring contract with both ballet for young audiences and Naganuma dance. She has had the opportunity to perform with such esteemed choreographers such as Julie Bour, David Fernandez, Nicole Fosse, Darcy Naganuma, and Pamela Pribisco. She has taught at various schools in NYC such as: Ballet Academy East, Steps on Broadway, Joffrey Ballet School, Caedmon School and Dalton. She currently performs with Shirdance and works as a shoe model for Blowfish Shoes. After completing a degree at Fordham University in 2013, she started the floral design company, Three Stems. Currently, Maegan teaches private ballet classes throughout the city and loves teaching Juliette and Ella’s Playdate with her good friend Sarah.