Juliette and Ella's Playdate

Building friendships through song and dance

We bring children and their caregivers into community together through song and dance.  We are professional artists and friends whose relationships began through our children.

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Programs We offer


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Song and Dance in New York City

This Is The Signature Program That Sarah, Maegan, Juliette, And Ella Started In 2015 In Sarah's Upper East Side Apartment.  The Same As Then, Today They Enjoy Song And Dance With Exciting And Energetic Kids And Look Forward To Expanding Their Educational Programs Beyond Their Existing Locations On The Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Washington Square Park, Williamsburg, Westchester and The Hamptons (Seasonal). 

Keep Your Eyes Open For Upcoming Locations In Queens, Jersey City, Denver, CO & LA!


July 12th- September 3rd 


10:30 & 12:00                     CP W. 67th

9:30 & 10:30                        CP E. 84th

10:00 & 12:00                   CP W. 93rd

*4:00                                   CP W. 86th

*2-4 year old class


9:30, 10:30 & 12:00            CP E. 76th 

9:30 & 10:30                       CP W. 86th

10:30                                  CP E. 96th

10:00 & 11:00           Carl Schurz Park

4:00                                    CP W. 67th

*4:00                                   CP E. 76th 

*2-4 year old class 


10:00,11:00 & 12:00         Carl Schurz

10:00 & 11:00                         CP W. 93

10:30 & 12:0                        CP E. 76th

10:45 & 11:45    *Moise Safra Center

*must be a member to attend

3:30                       Carl Schurz Park  


9:30 & 10:30                       CP W. 86th

 9;30 & 10:30                     CP W. 67th

10:00 & 12:00                      CP E. 67th

10:00                                  CP W. 77th

4:00                                     CP W 67th


9:30 & 12:00  Riverside Park W. 65th

10:30 & 12:00                      CP E. 76th

Mid Semester week

September 6-11th


10:00                                 CP W. 93rd 

10:30                                  CP W. 67th

10:30                                  CP E. 84th


9:30 & 10:30                      CP W. 86th 

9:30 & 10:30                       CP E. 76th

10:30                                  CP E. 96th

11:00                       Carl Schurz Park 

4:00                                   CP W. 67th 


10:00                       Carl Schurz Park 

10:00                                 CP W. 93rd 

10:30                                 CP E. 76th 


9:30 & 10:30                      CP W. 86th 

10:30                                 CP W. 67th 

10:30                               CP E. 67th 


9:30               Riverside Park W. 65th

10:30                                 CP E. 76th 

Fall Semester

September 13th- November 15th


9:30, 10:30 & 11:30           CP W. 67th 

9:30, 10:30 & 11:30            CP E. 84th 

10:00 & 11:30         Riverside W. 65th

10:30                                 CP W. 93rd 

4:00                             CP W. 86th


9:30, 10:30 & 1:30              CP W. 86th

9:30, 10:30 & 11:30             CP E. 76th

10:00                       Riverside W. 91st

10:00 & 11:00                    Carl Schurz

3:30           Washington Square Park 

4:00                                     CP E. 76th

4:00                                    CP W. 67th


10:00,11:00 & 12:00          Carl Schurz

10:00 & 11:00                     CP W. 93rd

11:00             Riverside Park W. 65th

10:30 & 1:30                        CP E. 76th

4:00                         Carl Schurz Park 

4:00                                    CP W. 67th

4:00                  Madison Square Park


9:30, 10:30 & 1:30             CP W. 67th

9:30, 10:30 & 11:30.          CP W. 86th

10:00 & 11:00                    CP E. 67th

10:00 & 11:00                     CP E. 84th 

4:00 CP W. 86th 

4:00               Riverside Park W. 65th


9:30 & 10:30          Riverside W. 65th 

10:00                                  CP E. 96th 

10:00                               Sutton Place

10:30 & 11:30                     CP E. 76th

10:30         Washington Square Park 

4:00                                    CP W. 81st

*4:00                                   CP E. 76th 

*Disney Spectacular Class


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Online Classes

Online Classes 

During The COVID19 Outbreak We have posted many Classes And Videos On Our Facebook Page Via The Link Below.  During Other Times Our online programming is excellent for airports, rainy days, sick days, and anytime your little one wants to engage with other children through educational song and dance. Perhaps your work-from-home productivity can benefit through a bit of educational distraction As Well!    


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Birthday Parties

Planning A Party? We Specialize In Parties For Ages 1-5 Years! We Offer A 45-Minute Set Of Music And Movement With Lots Of Surprises Along The Way (Parachute, Bubbles, Balls, Puppets, Shakers, Bells, Drums, Etc).  We Customize Every Party And Can Incorporate Favorite Songs Into Our Musical Set As Well As Offer Ballerinas, Character Appearances (Moana, Elsa, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel etc..) Balloon Artists, And Just About Anything You Can Think Of!

We Don’t Just Do Birthdays - We Perform At Family Gatherings, Holiday Parties, School Events & Corporate Events.  Contact Us At The Form Below To Find Out More!


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Private Groups

Looking To Host Your Own Class? Our Play-Based Music & Ballet/Movement Classes Can Be Geared Towards Babies And Toddlers. Each Class Will Be Located At Your Venue Of Choice And Are Typically 40-45 Minutes In Length.  They Can Be Recurring Or One-Off.

We Host Private Classes In:

  • The park

  • Residential Complexes

  • Corporate Events

  • Daycares

  • Pre Schools

  • More

Contact us for pricing and availability. Now booking up Summer and Fall classes 2021. 

About Us

Maegan And Sarah Met One Cold Winter Night On The Streets Of The Upper West Side In Manhattan In 2015.  They Were Both Bundling Their Babies, Five Months Old At The Time, Mere Steps From Each Other.  Juliette And Ella, Sarah And Maegan Became Fast Friends And Then Business Partners By Doing What They Love - Sarah As A Musician And Maegan As A Dancer.  The First Class Was In Sarah's Back Yard With Four Children, Which Moved To Central Park A Few Months Later.  When The Weather Grew Cold They Located Studio Space And The Rest Is History!


News and Updates


We went viral!!

Our feature on ABC News with David Nuir!

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